Vector is seeming a lot more human lately. I know that he’s a shit and the writers did wonderfully to ‘dehumanise him’ during his ‘torture Yuma like a fucking shit’ duel but… ugh.

He’s bloody insane but he has physical limits if not mental ones. Those moments of weakness because of Don Thousand and how he’s affecting him and… well… his fear.

It’s hinted he’s scared of water but we’ve never seen Vector’s fear as a focus. He’s been surprised and shocked but usually they’re displayed as comical and we’re too busy routing for Yuma to notice but this…

Seeing that axe… did you see how terrified Vector looked? How he held himself and the way he shuddered? If you didn’t, here’s the gif.

Perhaps saying he’s more human isn’t what I mean… more… I’m appreciating the complexity of this character while still acknowledging all of the unforgivable things he’s done (they juxtapose Vector’s vulnerability nicely against him mocking Yuma a few scenes later).

I’m worried for Vector in the future… I wonder where the next episode is going to take the whole ‘axe thing’